Fake honey still sold in major supermarkets

There are plenty of supermarkets still peddling CEM fake honey even many months after it became illegal.

Robinsons Supermarket criminal activity

img_20160801_122042720 img_20160801_122107234

Lees Supermarket criminal activity (vast quantities of illegal stock)

img_20160804_095024180236 img_20160804_095059928

SM Supermarkets and others are still trading in illegal fake honey.

The FDA have been informed and therefore should act appropriately to stop and penalize this illegal trade.

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CEM ‘honey’ is still sold in some shops illegally

If your local shop or supermarket is still illegally trading in CEM products then please read the attached pdf.

FDA Advisory No. 2016-073

The outlet should be reported to the FDA at:   report@fda.gov.ph

or the FDA can be informed by phone on the numbers 857-1991 to 93

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Advisory notice against CEM products by FDA

The FDA has issued a Public Health Warning advisory notice against CEM ‘honey’ products


FDA Cem Public health advisory

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Food & Drugs Administration performance

The Philippine FDA are paid by the citizens to protect them from unsafe food products. However, they have so far failed to tackle the crime of fraudulent honey in the nation’s supermarkets.

  • The FDA have been given clear and ample evidence of honey fraud.

  • 18 months ago the FDA started investigating the food fraud.

  • The FDA promise to communicate or take action but fail to do so.

  • No report or findings have been produced for the Philippine citizens.

  • The crime continues… I wonder if the new President is interested?

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Fraudulent honey by Cem – who still supply the nation’s supermarkets!

Being in the food business, I did contact Cem 4 years ago, as I wanted to buy samples. They did agree and went to their “office” or “warehouse” in Mandaluyong. The place was almost impossible to find, no street number on the door, nor Cems or any company sign. Had to call them several times. Then when at the gate , they literally opened the door by 20cm just for the bottles to go through. That was it ! no “hello” or any discussion was possible. I found it very very strange, a typical attitude of someone that has sthg to hide. Then I tried the various honey and understood…. I never tried again……

This is the latest comment by a reader of this website. The Cem scandal has gone on for years, yet still the authorities in the Philippines seem almost disinterested and have not yet brought those responsible to justice, despite overwhelming evidence and testimony.

Please can readers check on their local supermarkets to see which ones are continuing to trade in fraudulent honey.

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Progress on supermarket fraudulent honey

Good news:

Some progress is being made to protect the Philippine public from the honey fraudsters using supermarkets as outlets.

Bad news:

It is taking a long time and so persistence is needed.

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FDA still investigating fraudulent honey in supermarkets!

The FDA is aware that there is a problem with the fraudulent honey on the shelves.

No communication is coming from the FDA to explain why no action has yet been taken to protect the public from this crime.

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CEM criminal ‘honey’ in supermarkets

CEM has no Licence To Operate yet the supermarkets are still flooded with their fraudulent ‘honey’!

CEM flooding market

This is the SM store in Bacolod today, 1st March 2016 – after the CEM LTO ran out on 20th Jan 2016 !!

It is obvious that all this syrup is not made by Philippine bees – as indicated on the labels. The FDA know this – yet this crime is allowed to take place in the nation’s supermarkets. No response has been received from CEM or the FDA recently.

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CEM ‘honey’ should now disappear from the supermarkets


It appears the FDA have not renewed the Licence To Operate for Cem’s General Merchandising company  (awaiting confirmation).

Without a trading permit it should now be illegal for Cem’s fraudulent ‘honey’ products to be sold to the nation’s supermarkets. (Probably, the existing stock in the shops will get run down.) Assuming that this justice takes place, it is a very good day for the Philippine people giving a chance for a genuine marketplace in honey.

It also gives an opportunity for better recognition of the reality of the pollination crisis in the country  which is damaging agriculture and the environment, so that this issue can be properly tackled – leading to better crop yields and improved rural incomes.

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Registered office of CEM’s General Merchandising !

Here is CEM’s registered office!

CEM's Registered office

With no company sign (except MUSCLE WORLD !) this is the office of the Philippine nation’s largest ‘honey’ supplier.


This is the location given the food trading permit by the FDA, to supply supermarkets with their ‘premium and superior Philippine honey’!

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FDA Honey Fraud is one year old !

Copy of email to the Philippine FDA

Email to FDA about Cem permit

Dear Honey Fraud team,

Despite clear and ‘obvious’ evidence of fraud in the Philippine supermarket trade, the FDA has so far not acted to protect the public after such a prolonged period.

The permit for a major agent of this fraud, the CEM’s General Merchandising company is due for renewal in a few days time (20th January – I reminded the FDA of this on 29/11/15). Without clear redeeming evidence and justification, it would be a gross injustice to renew this company’s FDA trading permit.

Please click on the following link for  clear reasons why this is so..


Also, a glance at the many supporting responses from Philippine consumers confirms the fact that there are plenty of reasons to suspend the trading permit for such a food company, that is unable and unwilling to verify the quality and source of its food products.

Please can the FDA respond to these serious concerns

Yours sincerely,

Julian Wright

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Honey Fraud still permitted by FDA

CEM have not responded to the clear accusation of Honey Fraud. If CEM’s operation was legitimately supplying genuine honey, then surely they might bother to reply. Therefore people are left to draw their own conclusions. Below is the FDA permit allowing CEM to continue this abuse of the Philippine public.

FDA permit for CEM

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Request to the CEM company

FAO: CEM General Merchandising Company
Mandaluyong City, Philippines
For many years CEM has been the Philippines largest supplier of ‘honey’ to the nations supermarkets.
However, the CEM company is well aware that a great many people do not believe that CEM ‘honey’ is genuine bee honey from the Philippines.
These links will demonstrate that your company is accused of criminally trading in fraudulent honey..
CEM has had every opportunity to provide some evidence of the sourcing of your ‘honey’ products for the benefit of your customers.
However, CEM provides no website or any information at all, despite frequent requests from customers and for a public open forum.
Evidently, CEM appears to have no regard for the customer or the truth, and is prepared to continue this criminal fraud for as long as possible.
Once again, CEM is asked to respond to these allegations and inform customers and the public whether the company is trading legitimately supplying genuine Philippine bee honey to the supermarkets as the CEM labelling clearly indicates and as is claimed in CEM documentation.
(Any information the CEM company provide will be published unedited on the beephilippines.info website.)

Below is the email sent to the CEM company..

CEM email

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Honey Fraud obscenity continues

The Philippine supermarkets are still cheating their customers

For many years the nations supermarkets have been stocking vast quantities of fake honey despite clear evidence of the fraud they are perpetrating. The following pictures are from the SM supermarkets (pictures below are from Iligan City, Oct 31st 2015.) It’s the same story with all the nations major supermarkets!

At any one time, there  is more ‘Philippine honey’ on the shelves from CEM than is produced by the country in the whole of the year! Essentially, it’s all the same factory produced syrup mixed with dubious imported product, packaged up fraudulently as quality Philippine genuine honey. The CEM company care nothing for the truth and continue to defraud millions of innocent customers. In a country as civilised as the Philippines this activity is an obscenity.

Notice that the genuine SueBee honey is about THREE times the price! It doesn’t take a genius to appreciate that CEM and the supermarkets are prepared to continue the fraudulent honey business for as long as the FDA let them get away with it.



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Honey Fraud investigation status

No conclusions yet from the FDA investigation that has been underway since January !

The CEM company is still stacking up the nation’s supermarket shelves with fraudulent honey and cheating millions of innocent consumers.

Sadly, this scandal is also indirectly hurting millions of farmers who have declining fruit crops due to poor pollination, since people are being conned into thinking that the Philippines must have plenty of bees! There is a hope that if the scandal is exposed then more people will begin to realise that the country is suffering from a pollination crisis that has to be tackled to avoid increasing agricultural and environmental damage.

P.S. Sorry that there has been few posts on this web site recently, since I have been busily working in England. However, I try to keep up to date with the situation in the Philippines and will continue to work for this overwhelmingly decent country that deserves a better future. I just wish that more Filipinos would try harder to think about what is happening in their own country, and then help do something to improve the situation!


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