Fraudulent honey by Cem – who still supply the nation’s supermarkets!

Being in the food business, I did contact Cem 4 years ago, as I wanted to buy samples. They did agree and went to their “office” or “warehouse” in Mandaluyong. The place was almost impossible to find, no street number on the door, nor Cems or any company sign. Had to call them several times. Then when at the gate , they literally opened the door by 20cm just for the bottles to go through. That was it ! no “hello” or any discussion was possible. I found it very very strange, a typical attitude of someone that has sthg to hide. Then I tried the various honey and understood…. I never tried again……

This is the latest comment by a reader of this website. The Cem scandal has gone on for years, yet still the authorities in the Philippines seem almost disinterested and have not yet brought those responsible to justice, despite overwhelming evidence and testimony.

Please can readers check on their local supermarkets to see which ones are continuing to trade in fraudulent honey.

About Julian Wright

Julian Wright is a British agricultural scientist married to a Philippine teacher, who has a house and some land planted to coconuts and other crops near Dumaguete in the Philippines.
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  1. Can you provide me contact details of Julian Wright. Its about cem’s honey. trying to get more information about this company. tnx

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