FDA Honey Fraud is one year old !

Copy of email to the Philippine FDA

Email to FDA about Cem permit

Dear Honey Fraud team,

Despite clear and ‘obvious’ evidence of fraud in the Philippine supermarket trade, the FDA has so far not acted to protect the public after such a prolonged period.

The permit for a major agent of this fraud, the CEM’s General Merchandising company is due for renewal in a few days time (20th January – I reminded the FDA of this on 29/11/15). Without clear redeeming evidence and justification, it would be a gross injustice to renew this company’s FDA trading permit.

Please click on the following link forĀ  clear reasons why this is so..


Also, a glance at the many supporting responses from Philippine consumers confirms the fact that there are plenty of reasons to suspend the trading permit for such a food company, that is unable and unwilling to verify the quality and source of its food products.

Please can the FDA respond to these serious concerns

Yours sincerely,

Julian Wright

About Julian Wright

Julian Wright is a British agricultural scientist married to a Philippine teacher, who has a house and some land planted to coconuts and other crops near Dumaguete in the Philippines.
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