FDA Honey Fraud investigation ?

It appears that FDA officials have gone quiet on Honey Fraud ?!

Despite repeated requests for information from the FDA, sadly no response is forthcoming. The reasons could be one or more of the following…

  • Officials responsible for investigating Honey Fraud are ‘asleep on the job’.
  • The commitment to investigate Honey Fraud was not genuine.
  • Some form of ‘pressure’ or ‘incentive’ to drop the investigation has taken place.
  • Officials fail to understand the impact of Honey Fraud on the Philippine nation.
  • Officials don’t care about the knock-on impact of Honey Fraud on millions of Philippine citizens and on the Philippine agriculture and environment as a result of the worsening pollination crisis.

Click on the following pdf to see evidence of the situation..

FDA Honey Fraud enquiries

About Julian Wright

Julian Wright is a British agricultural scientist married to a Philippine teacher, who has a house and some land planted to coconuts and other crops near Dumaguete in the Philippines.
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