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  Pollination educational materials

Research has shown that there is an urgent need for improved educational materials and ‘awareness raising’ in schools and in the wider rural community of ‘pollination’ and bees as beneficial insects. Further details are available in the ‘Educational materials’ posts.

This leaflet also needs further layout work for printing purposes etc. Please feel free to give any comments that might improve the design and suitability. For example: Do you think the content is suitable, and if not what needs to be changed?


Playing cards draft design promoting ‘bee pollination’

Playing cards is a popular rural entertainment, and packs of cards could be sold at a competitive price with a simple message like ‘How to get more fruit!’ which might stimulate discussion.


High school & agricultural students can do a ‘crop study’

Research an important crop such as Mango, Coffee, CoconutSquash or Cotton and investigate how pollination takes place.  The articles in this website can be a basis for this, but the students could be asked to find out and illustrate some extra interesting topics such as the following …

Draw and label the key parts of the flower for that crop. Find out what the pollen grains look like for that crop. What is a pollen tube and why is it important? etc


Global Pollination Project leaflet by the Food & Agriculture Organisation

FAO Global Pollination Project leaflet


Pollination educational materials for schools from the University of Illinois, USA

Freely available Pollination activity booklet


Games for children

A few simple and safe computer games  …
Collect the honey game
Find the hidden bees in the honeycomb
Yaminas honey garden
These can be played on most PCs or Macs, but an Android computer or phone would need a Flash player installed. (Adults ‘bee aware’ that the games have a link to a games website which also have many ‘other’ age appropriate games.)

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  1. June Alexis Honculada says:


    Chanced upon your site while browsing for specific info re honey production which, if I may add, is so hard to find. 🙁
    Do you have any links regarding recent data on honey production in the Philippines-specifically total production and export data comparing it to other countries worldwide or even just in asia?

    Data needed as reference for project development on excipients in the pharmaceutical industry of the Philippines -a requirement for my masteral finals.

    I hope you can help in any way.
    Thank you!

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