Advisory notice against CEM products by FDA

The FDA has issued a Public Health Warning advisory notice against CEM ‘honey’ products

FDA Cem Public health advisory

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Julian Wright is a British agricultural scientist married to a Philippine teacher, who has a house and some land planted to coconuts and other crops near Dumaguete in the Philippines.
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4 Responses to Advisory notice against CEM products by FDA

  1. Chester says:

    Unfortunately, it’s still sold in SM. I have visited Landmark in Makati and SM Makati though the inventory in SM is few. Compared to Landmark and SM MOA they still have a sizable number of products on sale.

  2. Ivy says:

    Hello. I just came across your articles about CEM Honey. I have been using this for about a year now and I am quite shocked to find out all these things. Just want to clarify if CEM is still unregistered by FDA? My current bottle of honey has an FDA number label on it, though it might also be a fake number? It also says “raw and wild” but at the back it says “commercial grade honey syrup”. I did a few quick searches online and some of the articles mentioned that “commercial grade honey syrup” is just tinted corn syrup. One article mentioned that it’s high-fructose corn syrup, which has some toxic effects. Please enlighten me. I’m not well-versed with terms like “commercial-grade honey syrup” and the different of authentic raw honey. Thank you.

    • Julian says:

      Hi Ivy,
      Because CEM is such an irresponsible company with no regard for their customers or the law, what goes into their syrups is unpredictable. What is known is that they do not supply genuine reputable honey made by bees. A FDA public health warning has been issued against CEM.
      CEM deserve to have punitive legal action taken against them.

  3. Alex Racho says:

    Oh my! I’ve also been using (a lot of) Cem’s honey (bec it was the cheapest). Now I will look for other brands.

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