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  This website was created because …

  • There is much evidence to show that many crop yields are declining in the Philippines and that also there are declining populations of honeybees.
  • There is also much evidence that insufficient pollination is an important factor in the limitation or decline of many crop yields and rural incomes.
  • It was also evident that there was a general lack of awareness of pollination and the other issues in the Philippines that existed because of this problematic situation.
  • It is hoped that this website will provide useful information for a wide range of people, and enable opinions to be exchanged and questions answered, which might contribute towards better futures for many rural communities.

About the author

Julian Wright B.Sc. M.Phil. PGCE is the son of a British farmer. He has researched a number of agricultural topics and worked with commercial companies including Dunlop Irrigation Services (part of the Dunlop Plc group), and latterly Romany Software Ltd (a botanical software company). As a writer and software developer, amongst other products, he is the author of ‘The Growing Plants Interactive Encyclopedia’ which has many thousands of users in 14 countries. He also has a wide teaching experience in a number of schools and universities. He works and lives mainly in England but he has also worked and lived for periods in France, Belgium, Australia, and in the Philippines.

Julian can be contacted at: julianwright@beephilippines.info

Julian has also written a novel which includes ‘bees’ called…

Spirits of the Sun with the pen name Sydney Philippe (available from Amazon / Kindle)