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Fraudulent honey by Cem – who still supply the nation’s supermarkets!

Being in the food business, I did contact Cem 4 years ago, as I wanted to buy samples. They did agree and went to their “office” or “warehouse” in Mandaluyong. The place was almost impossible to find, no street number … Continue reading

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Honey Fraud obscenity continues

The Philippine supermarkets are still cheating their customers For many years the nations supermarkets have been stocking vast quantities of fake honey despite clear evidence of the fraud they are perpetrating. The following pictures are from the SM supermarkets (pictures … Continue reading

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Honey Fraud investigation status

No conclusions yet from the FDA investigation that has been underway since January ! The CEM company is still stacking up the nation’s supermarket shelves with fraudulent honey and cheating millions of innocent consumers. Sadly, this scandal is also indirectly hurting … Continue reading

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FDA Honey Fraud investigation ?

It appears that FDA officials have gone quiet on Honey Fraud ?! Despite repeated requests for information from the FDA, sadly no response is forthcoming. The reasons could be one or more of the following… Officials responsible for investigating Honey Fraud are ‘asleep … Continue reading

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Why bees are important !

This is the Epilogue from the novel Bees have been discovered in amber over 100 million years old, frozen in time, as if immortalized in their own honey. Bees were buzzing around the first flowers during the age of the dinosaurs, … Continue reading

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The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) & honey fraud

The FDA will now start an investigation into the fraudulent honey trade On the 14th January the FDA sent the following emails… Evidence emails from FDA 140115 Background to this intervention by the FDA Some Philippine citizens believed that there … Continue reading

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Honey Fraud in Supermarkets Evidence 2.

Attempts by CEM to silence reasonable public interest questions about the source of their ‘honey’ food products, and the company’s possible connection to other corrupt activity. As a ‘customer’ I had tried to ask CEM many times about their ‘honey’ products but CEM would not … Continue reading

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