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Apis cerana (Ligwan) beekeeping in Vietnam & the Philippines

Compare beekeeping in Vietnam to that in the Philippines Click on this link to see Apis cerana beekeeping in Vietnam. Vietnam statistics & honeybee colonies… Vietnam population: 90 million,  Area: 331,200 square kms, Ethnic groups 54, Average latitude: 14 N, Climate: tropical, Native … Continue reading

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Honey fraud continues

Does it matter if the Philippine people are being lied to and are being sold unknown mixtures of potentially unhealthy sugary stuff ? Click this link for an overview of . The majority of ‘honey’ on sale to the Philippine … Continue reading

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Action needed to help farmers and honey hunters !

The following 5 actions will help not only these two groups, but can have cascading positive effects for rural communities … 1)  Agricultural and public awareness of [p2p type=”slug” value=”crop-yields-and-pollination”]pollination[/p2p] is essential – education needs to communicate at the very simplest the … Continue reading

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Honey fraud in supermarkets in the Philippines

Click this link for an overview of . Go into just about any of the large supermarket chains and you will find ‘honey’ for sale on the shelves.  There will most usually be many containers of Philippine ‘honey’ from a … Continue reading

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What is ‘honey’?

Genuine honey made by bees is a delicious, healthy and amazing food. Honey can have many constituents including sugars, pollen and possibly up to 300 other minor natural chemical components. The complexity of sugars and other components in genuine honey comes … Continue reading

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