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Teachers – helping students with their future

Students can enjoy learning about honeybees – and this will help their future prospects! The ‘bad news’ is there is a problem, but the ‘good news’ is that there is a solution. The problem – Declining agricultural productivity and low incomes … Continue reading

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‘Honey hunting’ & ‘Honey gathering’

Honey hunting Over many years in rural areas of the Philippines a small but significant proportion of the population have traditionally obtained honey from colonies of native honeybees. The two main targets are the ‘Wild honeybee’ or Putyokan (Apis dorsata) … Continue reading

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Sustainable honey gathering methods

Traditional beekeeping for the Ligwan and other ‘hive bees’ ‘Hive bees’ are those bees that naturally make their colonies inside holes in trees or in the ground, and so can be kept inside a hollowed out tree trunk or basket or … Continue reading

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